High quality carpet cleaning service at fair price!

Has it been awhile since you have had your carpet professionally cleaned? It doesn’t take long for dirt to accumulate on parts of your carpet that see heavy traffic, such as entrances and hallways. Soundview Cleaning has been restoring carpets to their original beauty in Gig Harbor WA since 2000. Whether you need to clean the carpets in your entire home or just one room, Soundview Cleaning can accommodate your situation. We offer carpet cleaning packages that can meet the needs of virtually anyone who needs their carpet cleaned. Our technicians understand the carpet and rug cleaning process and can make even the dirtiest carpet look brand new.

There are many options for carpet cleaning and the best choice is based on the carpet manufacturer’s recommendations. Our skilled technicians will choose the most effective method for your carpets. Your warranty will not be compromised when you choose Soundview Cleaning as your cleaner. You can be sure that all warranty requirements will be met by the rug cleaning techniques used by Soundview Cleaning’s carpet cleaners.

We are often able to remove stubborn spots and stains that other carpet cleaning technicians cannot remove. Odors are also a common problem that we can easily remedy. Smoking, food and pet odor removal services will leave your home smelling fresh and clean. If you need us to, our carpet and rug cleaning technicians can move your furniture before we clean your carpet. After removing the furniture indentations from your carpet, we will move your furniture back to its original location, with protective pads underneath to keep your carpet clean. Of course, if you prefer to move your furniture on your own or you would like us to leave it undisturbed, just mention it when we arrive.

Follow the instructions provided by our cleaners regarding the time frame after the appointment when you cannot walk on your carpet. In most cases, you will be able to walk in the rooms where your carpet was cleaned immediately, because the most used method for carpet cleaning is the dry one. If steam cleaning was applied, on the other hand you will have to wait an hour or two before you set foot in your carpeted rooms, unless you want to damage them. However, taking off your shoes can prevent re-soiling your carpet. Wet carpets tend to be slippery, especially if you walk on them in shoes. Avoiding walking on your freshly cleaned carpets until they are completely dry also can prevent you from falls.

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